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Welcome to Turning Pointe Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Linn Erickson DC, and let him tell you about Turning Pointe.

Dedicated to you

Every doctor, assistant, and staff member in our office is committed to personalized patient care. We make sure to pinpoint your every need to provide complete comfort.

New technology

We have the latest equipment and stay up to date on all the newest and emerging technologies. You are always receiving the most advanced care. Simply put, if you want your health to be superior, the approach to caring for your health should be superior, too.  We strive to do that every day for each and every person we serve.

Patient Care

We care about the entire well-being of our patients and consistently deliver results through treatment, education, empowerment, and coaching. We want your life to be fulfilling even when you aren’t in our office.

Family Oriented

Family owned and operated; we have a passion for family care. Whether it’s you, your little ones or your entire family getting checked and treated, we’ll treat you like our favorite family members.

Chiropractic Biophysics– the New Chiropractic

But haven’t chiropractors been doing the same thing for almost 130 years? Kinda. Like many healthcare practices, it has evolved.

Welcome to Chiropractic Biophysics.

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP for short) is the world’s most published chiropractic technique.  Using this technique, we look to address not just symptoms (pain), but to correct underlying causes in the spine and nervous system that lead to dysfunction and disease. 

You live your life through your nervous system.  Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves tell every other organ what, when and how to do their jobs, 24/7.  Your nervous system is housed inside your spine.  The alignment of your spine affects how well your nervous system can control and coordinate all of your body’s function.  Therefore, proper spinal alignment and good overall health and performance are closely related.  As engineers say, “Structure determines function.”

CBP technique has done the challenging work of publishing over 200 index medicus research articles which have established what normal posture is, the consequences for its loss, and the benefits of its restoration.  By providing postural-based chiropractic adjustments, traction, and exercises, we improve spinal alignment predictably.  The CBP approach produces results you can feel, see, and enjoy for life.

Turning Pointe Chiropractic provides care based on timeless principles and 21st century research.  After seeing thousands of patients for close to 20 years, we know this stuff works.  If you like the idea of getting to root issues, resolving them, and proactively staying well for the rest of your life, you think like we do.  You’ll fit in well. 

What do our patient’s have to say?

“I had migraines, low back pain, and neck pain. The miraines were usually 3 times a week. I had tried stretches and pain pills, but after chiropractic, I have not had a migraine for at least a month and can play football without any pain!”

-Blake C

“I had pain down my legs, neck, and back, numbness and headaches. After chiropractic with Dr. Linn, my posture has shifted, I can work longer, I have overall BETTER WELL BEING! I was helped by other chiropractors but needed more. TPC is like no other chiropractic clinic I have been to. I appreciate the caring people here, the knowledgeableness, and taking their jobs seriously to help people! I have less pain now. What a blessing.”

-Kathy S

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