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New Patients

Thank you for choosing Turning Pointe to help you on your wellness journey! We are happy to work with you and cannot wait to get to know you better. We like to make your first visit to our office as painless and efficient as possible.
We are not your average chiropractic office. Our new patient experience is a two-day process. On the first day, we do a thorough and complete evaluation that may include x-rays. On day two, Dr. Linn presents his findings, shows you your films and shares his best recommendations.

Below you will find our application for care, along with specific pain forms such as the back, and neck.

Please print out and thoroughly fill out the application for care as well as any primary concern forms that apply to you. Bring all papers with you to your appointment.

What Do Our Patient’s Say?

“After a day with a severe headache (in spite of 12 aspirin and 2 migraine tablets) I would still suffer the same headache the next day, this time with a stomach ache from way too much medication. From the first treatment with Dr. Erickson, I can tell you I have only had 2 headaches, which were minor and due to stress. A day without a headache is wonderful.”

-Debbie P

“It’s like an orthodontist for your spine!”


“Brinley was having headaches due to 3 different falls over a 2 year period of time (age 9). She hasn’t complained of headaches since starting corrective care – she can run, jump and dance like a 9-year-old should!”

-Trisha K

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